When the (almost) magical night is over

DSC_2203 I remember when a child I would be waiting for the New Year’s celebration much more than for my own birthday. It was all in the air – the atmosphere of great hopes and new beginnings that would start infusing together with a fresh smell of a conifer tree appearing in the house yet a few weeks before the end of the year. Women of the family would discuss the dishes they were going to cook, the specialties that should be there on the festive table, the beverages to buy (Champaign would be a must of course); then surely each one of them would plan an outfit to wear, a hair set and other details to be ready for the night. And then in the evening of the 31st December, they all, tired after spending the whole day in the kitchen, but in lifted moods and with shining eyes anyways, would gather over the ample table together with their husbands, children and friends to laugh, joke, flirt, sing, eat, exchange presents, raise glasses to happiness and most definitely make wishes for the coming year. DSC_2209 There was something naively sweet as I feel it now, and almost magical as I saw it then in my childhood, how all those adult people would be rushing to open a bottle of Champain, pour it into the glasses of all the guests, make a wish and drink it away during the chime of Moscow’s Kremlin clock at midnight. At that night they all would look so happy, relaxed and reassured, regardless of the Soviet, Perestroika or whatever hard times we would live in then. Same happiness would pass over to me as I was looking at the smiling faces of the kindred. DSC_2213 It is now my 35th New Year, I have got my own kids and my life is so much different than those of my older relatives. Nevertheless every New Year’s night of my adult life I still have a gentle tremor deep inside as I would be expecting something happy, something magical to happen to me in this new coming year. I obviously learnt hoping hard in my childhood, so every year now I put down those wishes and things that I’d like to get fulfilled and store the list until the next New Year’s eve. Surely I’ve prepared the one for 2015 and starting a blog about oh-so-woman-like things I like is on the list as well =)   Hope my notes will keep entertained not only myself, but also my closed ones and some of you out there.

Cheers, Tania



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